Looking to sell your home eventually? Are you planning to move in the next two years but need a smart update to compliment your family needs? Not only are new floors one of the most practical investments, they can also fit any budget. The average return on a home’s improvement project in the greater St. Louis area is 70%. This leads us to the question we are asked everyday: what exactly should be replaced and what should you replace it with to improve the number and size of offers? From what material to what rooms are needing an update, we wanted to give you the foundation you need to handle some common pre-moving update scenarios.

What Flooring is Best if You Plan on Selling Your House?

For quicker moves we recommend carpet since it is affordable and comparatively easy to install. Although carpet can come in a range of materials there are cost effective options for most ranges of style. Choosing between neutrals or colors, piles and weaves don’t necessarily all have to be fully explored depending on the room, but bringing in a picture or a paint sample can help narrow down options.

Why You Should Replace Old Carpet Before an Open House

Some older materials like hardwood or tile can be refinished and made to look new so that replacing hardwood isn’t always needed. This is not the case with old carpets, especially in rooms with high traffic. When refinishing small-to-medium sized rooms on a tight budget, a neutral finish can help make the room appear more spacious while appealing to as many potential buyers as possible.

Not only is the install quick and easy to pick from, but old carpet can also be torn up and replaced in minimal time. Buyers do not want to see old carpet that they know they may have to replace in the future, or even before they move in. Replace it before putting your home up for sale and you will likely make a bit more than it cost to replace. Replacing carpet in dining rooms, living rooms, or even bedrooms if it works well with your home design can be a good return on investment. Engineered vinyl planks are a great idea to bring your home up-to-date and make it very attractive to buyers. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile: An Affordable Style That Lasts

Although hardwood doesn’t necessarily seem logical to those who see themselves moving, hard surface wood floors give many a sense of nostalgia. The classic look is also one of our favorites, and the good news is there is a cost effective option. For those who see themselves, their budget, or their timeline needing an in between many will be pleased to consider many options of Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT.

Older kitchens, washrooms with dirty grout, or rooms with vinyl sheets such as laundry rooms are a perfect option for new LVT. Not only is luxury vinyl tile a good, water-resistant flooring, but its engineering also means you can get a classic look that is durable and lasting with no maintenance.

Re-Finishing or Replacing Wood Floors With Affordable Materials

Selling a house with old wooden floors can be difficult, for this reason if existing hardwood flooring can’t be sanded or cleaned, you may need to replace them. While replacing flooring with hardwood is often one of most expensive materials, it has a high return on investment and can pay for itself with the right planning.