It can be TEMPTING to think that flooring is best purchased online because of the ease and comfort online purchasing provides.

This is a myth.

Flooring is a more sophisticated purchase than the typical online purchase.

Let’s lay out the details of the myth of cheaper flooring online.

1. Limitations Online

Did you know that most major manufacturers do not allow their products to be sold online? That void has been filled with lesser-quality material that doesn’t adhere to industry standards.

2. Product Quality

Online flooring companies often take low-quality, cheap flooring and use camera techniques and lighting to make it look like a high-end floor. Because you’re not evaluating the flooring in person with a specialist, it’s nearly impossible to tell if you’re looking at a good-quality product or not.

3. Color and Texture

Computer monitors and browsers can distort the color and texture of what you see online. And your home or office lighting can drastically change the color as well.

You also have to consider the texture; not only how the floor looks, but also how it physically feels, which you can’t find out online.

Not being able to try out and touch a product is one of the biggest negatives of buying online.

4. Installation Issues

Let’s say you do purchase flooring online, who is going to install it?

The vast majority of flooring dealers that offer installation services will not install flooring that wasn’t purchased from them. They simply cannot be responsible for a product they have no knowledge of and don’t have a reputable manufacturer standing behind it.

5. Shipping and Delivery Problems

Flooring is heavy – really heavy. That means flooring is very expensive to ship. Internet buyers will have to foot the shipping bill.

In addition to expensive shipping costs, flooring deliveries are curbside-only or to the end of your driveway.

Are you going to move hundreds if not thousands of pounds of flooring from your curb to inside your home or office? 

What if it’s raining? In the St. Louis area, the weather can change in an instant. Do you want your flooring sitting outside in the elements?

Even in great weather, what happens if your flooring arrives damaged? Customer service via an email address or 800 number is not optimal for your satisfaction and well-being.


You may find flooring that is “cheaper” online but that’s just what it is, cheap!

That’s why we recommend a visit to the County Flooring Showroom, where you can select your flooring in person and return home with samples that you can view in your space’s natural light before installation.

We help ensure you get better quality products that fit your lifestyle with excellent customer service, accountability and integrity throughout your flooring project process.

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