There are many reasons you should consider locally owned County Flooring over the large, “big-box” home and hardware stores for your flooring projects. 

Here are a few of them:

1. Customer Experience and Reputation

As a locally owned small business, we work off of our reputation and ensure our customers have the best experience possible each time. We are only as good as the last customer experience we provided.

We specialize in personalizing our service with a staff who will work with you each time you come into our store or call by phone, ensuring your needs are met as closely as possible.

Large stores have so many staff members that you will likely work with someone completely different each time you contact or go into the store; you won’t get the same consistent and personal customer experience.

Local stores get many customers via word of mouth so we try to ensure every job is done with one hundred percent customer satisfaction. 

2. Selection and Quality

Many assume that because the big box stores are larger that they will have more of a selection of flooring, but it is actually the opposite.

Large home stores typically focus on the flooring that they can sell the most of the most consistently. This limits their variety of selections.

County Flooring has a much larger selections of flooring and can make special orders on a regular basis through our distributors.

We also have experience installing a large variety of flooring and know which of our installers excel at which types of flooring.

This personalization allows us to match your needs extremely well compared to the larger stores. 

3. Installation Expertise

Our experienced installers take pride in knowing their work is great and long-lasting.

Large home stores are known to use outside contractors. This can lead to problems with inexperienced installers or careless installers.  If installation problems pop up during or after the project, the seller and the installer may disagree on who’s responsible for the failure.

At County Flooring, your installations are guaranteed for two years, and our professional, in-house installers stand behind the work they do. If there is a fault somewhere in the installation, we absolutely do our best to rectify the mistake or issue. 

The customer experience you receive from County Flooring will likely be much more personal and satisfying than working with a “big-box” store like Lowes or Home Depot.

And best of all, your final cost will be similar while you support your local economy!

PS: We love your reviews and referrals!