Our customer Adam A. needed a new hardwood floor – or so he thought.

After weighing all available options with County Flooring, he realized he could accomplish his goal for a fraction of the cost of a hardwood floor replacement.

“I was surprised when County Flooring presented a sand and finish option instead of a full replacement with new hardwood floors,” Adam says. “It’s not common to see a flooring company – or any company – offer something that will make them a lot less money,” he says.

Even with the lower cost of the sand and finish, Adam still wasn’t sure if the “cheapest route” would be the best route.

“The flooring experts at County Flooring assured us that we would love our ‘new’ floors and that they’d resemble brand new hardwood,” he says.

Adam trusted the expertise and made the decision to go with sand and finish of his early 2000’s Bruce hardwood floor. The result was spectacular looking floors at a fraction of the cost of a total replacement.

“Not only did we get healthy, new-looking hardwood, County Flooring helped us save thousands of dollars,” Adam says.

It’s one of the reasons Adam left a five-star review on Google, saying:

“Trustworthy sales and installation staff coupled with an excellent selection. We plan on using County Flooring for many years to come!”

Sixty five-star reviews on Google can’t be wrong! Thanks for your business, Adam. Glad you love your “new” hardwood floors!

To learn more about our sand and finish service, call our showroom at (636) 379-4947 to speak with a County Flooring representative. To view our product inventory, visit CountyFlooring.com.

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