Have you ever wanted an alternative to hardwood? 

Hardwood has two main competitors, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and Wood Look Tile. Both LVT and Wood Look Tile provide many advantages over hardwood, but which should you choose? 

Let’s lay out the pros and cons of each alternative.


LVT is more kid and pet-friendly than hardwood, but Wood Look Tile definitely comes out on top here. LVT is prone to some minor scratches and will tear if a heavy object is dropped on it. This would require the damaged plank to be replaced.

Wood Look Tile on the other hand is very scratch-resistant and is difficult to damage. Wood Look Tile definitely wins in the durability arena. 


In terms of water, both LVT and Wood Look Tile are better than hardwood. LVT is waterproof (when installed correctly with a moisture barrier) allowing it to be installed in rooms with high humidity and water. 

Wood Look Tile is waterproof, meaning it is often a popular choice for showers and bathrooms. In the end, Wood Look Tile is overall ahead in terms of water resistance.

Long-Term Care

LVT is incredibly easy to care for and clean. It does not require any special chemicals to clean it. Using a broom or mop to clean up dust along with a hard surface vacuum will suffice. You can also use a hard surface floor cleaner to perform a deeper clean. 

Wood Look Tile is very similar to LVT except for the grout. Oftentimes, the grout will never be as clean as the tile itself and requires a bit more scrubbing and attention to keep spotless. 

This can be remedied by choosing a darker grout to hide some of the dirt that gets stuck in it. If you want something that is easier to clean, your best bet is LVT.

Installation Cost

LVT has two types of installations: floating floor or glue-down. By far, floating floor installations are the easiest with glue-down requiring a bit of subfloor prep. 

Wood Look Tile on the other hand is usually a much more intensive process that requires experts to install. Because of this, Wood Look Tile does cost more to install than LVT. 

Look and Feel

LVT and Wood Look Tile have many designs that mimic the texture and look of traditional hardwood with LVT usually being more readily available and in more colors and types. The feel is also very important with LVT being a slightly softer and warmer flooring than tile. Wood Look Tile will feel very hard and cold to the touch, which can be a negative for many. 

Well, we’ve laid out the pros and cons between LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and Wood Look Tile. Hopefully, you’ll weigh out your options and find a perfect fit for your space!